Best budget inflatable SUP boards

Best budget inflatable SUP boards

This page is focused towards the best budget inflatable SUP boards. If you are after mid-range or high end iSup, please refer to our top 10 best inflatable SUP boards.

best budget inflatable SUP boards

Hydro-Force Oceana 10′ – One of the best budget inflatable SUP boards out there

Top 10 best budget inflatable SUP boards

  1. Hydro-Force Oceana 10′ with kayak kit
  2. Aquaplanet 10′ allround complete beginner kit
  3. Hydro-Force 9′ Aqua Journey
  4. Decathlon ITIWIT 9’8
  5. Decathlon ITIWIT 10’7
  6. Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX
  7. Thrive 9’9 by AquaMarina
  8. Echo 10’6 by AquaMarina
  9. Magma 10’10 by AquaMarina
  10. HIKS XQ 10′

If you are quite new to paddle boarding or a complete beginner and you want to buy a board, you are most likely looking for the best budget inflatable SUP boards available. The list above is a good starting point with no board being above £350 (this might fluctuate with time). Being budget  paddle boards doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. They are not as good as your Red Paddle Co, Starboard or STX paddle boards but a fair few from the above selection are part of our top 10 best inflatable SUP boards. And for the price tag, they are really good indeed. They’ll let you embark on your paddle boarding journey at relatively low cost.

All the boards above (in the exception of the ITIWIT) come with a full kit that usually includes: leash, fin(s) paddle, bag, pump. With some of the kits you get extra like a small repair kit or a water resistant pouch, even a seat and a kayak paddle kit for the Hydro-Force Oceana (kayak paddle board). In the case of the ITIWIT, you need to purchase your paddle and pump separately. We highly recommend getting a good quality electric pump for inflatable sup boards.

The best budget inflatable SUP boards

1. Hydro-Force Oceana Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board Sup With Kayak Seat

Hydro Force Oceana Best inflatable SUP boardThe Hydro-Force Oceana is an all-round SUP board with kayak settings (detachable padded seat) which costs around £300 and gets good reviews. Its well thought out shape and design means it is great for beginners and advanced alike. Its medium length and narrow tail makes this paddle board easily manoeuvrable whilst its large width keeps you super stable and makes paddling extremely easy. The Hydro-Force is currently one of the best selling inflatable SUP board on Amazon UK.

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2. Aquamarina Fusion inflatable SUP board

Aquamarina best inflatable SUP board Aquamarina is up there in the industry for producing quality SUP boards. The Aquamarina Fusion inflatable SUP board owes its enviable reputation as an excellent flat water SUP to its excellent gliding properties. Designed for SUP activities, fitness and cruising tours. Thanks to the 15 cm strong, 2-layer drop stitch construction, the Fusion offers unlimited paddling fun, even to heavy paddlers! This paddleboard goes for around £300.

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3. VAPOR (330cm) Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP

Aquamarina VAPOR best inflatable SUP boardsIn a price range medium to high (around £650), the Aquamarina VAPOR is a thin (4 in) but long (330 cm) stand up paddle board. The VAPOR is another SUP board that gets great reviews and feedback. It is a perfect all-round board, very versatile. It is an ideal choice for all skill levels from beginners to more experienced SUP riders for flat water and waves.
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Last updated on October 8th, 2020