LOCO inflatable SUP boards

Loco is proud to be a home grown UK board water sports brand.

LOCO inflatable SUP boards

Loco Surfing - UK surfing brand

LOCO inflatable SUP boards inception appeared back in 2012 when SUP board choice was rather limited. After a chance meeting in a Northumberland pub Joe was introduced to Bouke from Witchcraft Sailboards. It was the first of many productive working meetings. After spending a few weeks in Fuerteventura one all-round shape turned into three and as a result the first line of Loco boards was born.

Joe had mainly wanted a cost-effective solution to help expand his North East based SUP School but what happened next you could only dream about. Through a mutual paddle surfing acquaintance Joe was introduced to Andre’ Le Geht, a talented prone surfer from Jersey, who ended up riding for Loco and went on to win the British Nationals and went on to represent Team GB at the ISA World Championships in Peru. The rest as they say is history.

Since then Joe has surrounded himself with talents including world class custom shapers, a loyal team of ambassadors and team riders as well as visionary graphic designers and content creators to help with the on-line side of running a progressive UK water sports brand.

A few years on and Loco distributes an extensive range of SUP, inflatable SUP boards, surfs and kite boards throughout the UK and Europe and is poised to further extend the brand’s reach.

Unlike the big brands Loco isn’t a faceless corporate giant, Joe takes an active role in the day-to-day, loves talking kit and will happily give anyone a few pointers out on the water just for the love of SUP, surfing and windsurfing.

Loco is proud to be a home grown UK board water sports brand.

The Loco 10' x 32'' x 5'' Amigo Air iSUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Package is firmly pitted at beginners and families looking for a premium quality inflatable board and accessories.

This model boasts the lightest drop stitch technology in the world which means it is 30% lighter than similar length boards from the likes of Red Paddle Co., Fanatic and Starboard.

The Loco Air Amigo inflatable paddle boards boast double layer technology (or double skin) which means it doesn't bend in the middle. An issue that is recurrent with many single layer options at the budget end of the spectrum. Using the double layer technology in combination with drop stitch fabrication technique make the Loco Amigo Air iSUP very durable.

One of the premium feature of these boards includes extra PVC bands top and bottom (the white accent line) that prevents the boards losing PSI if left inflated.

The Amigo Air boards have a proper US centre box so you can swap the fin with out after market ones. These iSUPs have hard side bites offering improved tracking, glide and surf performance when paddling at the coast.

The package includes a premium lightweight backpack that accommodates the pump, paddle, leash and repair kit as well as the board making transport and storage as simple as possible.

The paddle provided is a lightweight 3 parts fibreglass paddle that matches your board and bag designs.

The Loco inflatable boards have received high praise from the leading SUP magazines and with a heritage in composite board design and manufacture you can buy with real confidence.

The Amigo Air iSUPs are the perfect partner for anyone wanting to get into stand up paddle boarding. Whether you're paddling for fitness on your local river or lake, want a board to travel with or have intentions of catching a few summer waves at your local beach the Amigo Air is it.

With such high quality boards, competing against the liks of Red, Fanatic and Starboard, and also being an UK company, the LOCO Amigo Air are obviously in our Top 10 of best inflatable SUP boards.

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