Best inflatable caravan porch awnings 2021

Are you looking for the best inflatable caravan porch awning for your next camping holidays? Look no further!

Why choosing an inflatable caravan porch awning over a standard pole porch awning?

Inflatable caravan porch awnings are very practical and so easy to install. It only takes a few minutes to setup. Here a couple of reviews about the Trigano Luna Air Inflatable Caravan Porch Awning where one customer said “impossible to do it faster or easier!”. Another customer said “Just a few pump strokes to inflate each tube (2.5 bar) and the awning soon takes shape. Even more surprising : the wind and storm resistance of this awning is equal to that of traditional frame awnings.”

Click here for a list of the latest inflatable caravan porch awning for 2021.

This page focuses on inflatable caravan porch awnings. But if you are considering standard pole caravan porch awning, you can visit this page. So now…

Which inflatable caravan porch awning to choose?

There are many caravan porch awnings available at various prices, sizes and available with different features etc… It makes it difficult to pick real quality over total waste of money. In other words, the most expensive inflatable caravan porch awnings are not always the best. Look at the Trigano Luna Air Inflatable Caravan Porch Awning discussed above. It gets great reviews, it is as resistant to wind and storm as traditional frame awnings, and is in the mid-range price tag!

The latest Series 3 Kampa Rally Air Pro Caravan Porch Awning as shown below offers great quality/price ratio. It is currently available here with a price tag of £500 – £900 depending on the length of the awning.

Best inflatable caravan porch awning 2017

Series 3 Kampa Rally Air Pro Caravan Porch Awning

Vango also released a new version of its famous Varkala range for 2021. You can see them all here.

Vango Varkala: best inflatable caravan porch awning 2017

Vango Varkala AirBeam caravan porch awning – 2021

Please read the awning description carefully to make sure it actually fits your vehicle. Be it a caravan or a motorhome,  make sure you get the size right! 

If you are after a cheaper option, consider checking our inflatable awning sale‘s page. There are a few caravan porch awnings from previous years at discounted price. Have a look, you might find a bargain!

Best inflatable caravan porch awning 2021

Choosing a inflatable caravan porch awning is a big decision. Especially considering the price tag. Hope we’ve helped you to find the best inflatable porch awning for your caravan or motorhome!

Here are a few more links to help you out. Just in case you want a drive away awning or maybe a caravan porch awning but not necessarily inflatable:

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