Best drive away inflatable awning 2022 – UK

Best drive away inflatable awnings

Vango and Kampa manufacture and sell some of the best drive away inflatable awnings currently available. They are suitable to most campervans (including Volkswagen VW T4, T5, T6) and some motorhomes. Please just make sure the height is working with the height of your vehicle (especially if you lowered your van). Most of the best drive away inflatable awnings are adjustable in height and come in 2 main setup: low and high/tall.

Vango best drive away inflatable awnings

Vango best inflatable driveaway air awnings

Best driveaway inflatable awning

Kampa best drive away inflatable awnings

Top 10 best inflatable drive away awnings

  1. Vango Kela V: Low or Standard or Tall
  2. Vango Airhub Hexaway: Low or Tall
  3. Kampa Trip Air
  4. Kampa Touring Air
  5. Kampa Cross Air
  6. Vango Faros II Air Low
  7. Vango Galli III Air: Low
  8. Lichfield California Excalibur
  9. Outdoor Revolution Movelite T4E PC
  10. Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air

The inflatable drive away awnings in more details

Ready for the 2022 season, some great inflatable drive away awnings from Vango, Kampa, Outdoor Revolution and more. See below for some of the best drive away inflatable awning for your motorhome or camper van. That includes VW T5 and T6.

Why choose an inflatable driveaway awning over a more standard pole one?

Drive away inflatable awnings are VERY practical in the sense it only takes several minutes to setup. A review for the Outdoor Revolution Movelite Oxygen Driveaway Awning even states its new owner set it up in less than 10 minutes without the instructions. Fast. Easy.

Which drive away inflatable awning to choose?

There is a wide range of awnings available at various prices, with different features etc... It can be quite difficult to recognise real quality over total waste of money. Having said that, the most expensive inflatable awnings are not always the best. And vice-versa. You can get great deals looking at inflatable awnings from previous years. Check our SALE page for cheap inflatable awnings. If you are after the latest awnings for 2021, Kampa and Vango are great brands that just released some new models for the season.

Best drive away inflatable awning 2017

Westfield Outdoors Aquila Inflatable Motorhome Driveaway Awning

The Westfield Aquila shown above comes in 2 different heights for low or high connections. This leads us to the most important point to consider when buying a drive away inflatable awning! The size!

Please read the awning description carefully to make sure it actually fits your vehicle. Be it a Volkswagen Transporter, a Swift motorhome or anything else. Make sure you get the size right!

Choosing a drive away inflatable awning is a big decision, especially considering the price tag. Hope we've helped you to find the best drive away inflatable awning for your vehicle!

Here are a few more links to help you out. Just in case you're not that bothered to have a drive away version or an inflatable one:

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