OutdoorMaster Shark II electric pump review – 2024

Finally got an OutdoorMaster Shark II electric pump to put to the test. Super excited to test and review it having read/heard so many good things about these electric pumps.

outdoormaster shark II electric pump

The Shark II ranks really high in our Best electric pumps for inflatable paddle board. And here is why...

The OutdoorMaster Shark II is a 12V DC (includes a 12A fuse for safety) corded electric pump mostly used to inflate paddle boards. But it can also be used for other items such as inflatable kayaks, inflatable tents, boats etc... using the various connectors provided.




Shark II pros and cons

Inflate your average inflatable paddle board in less than 10 minutes

Ease of use - Programmable with auto stop
Connect the pump to your car's cigarette lighter socket (engine running), connect the hose to your board using the right valve, set the right pressure (goes up to 20psi), press start and go get ready.
The Shark II will pump until it reaches the pressure you input then it stops.

Active cooling - inflate multiple boards in a row
OutdoorMaster claims the Shark II can inflate 3 boards in a row without overheating. And it can

Long cable and hose
It might not seem that important but having a long cable (9ft  - 2.75m) and hose  (4.5ft - ) proves very handy.
That's especially  practical when inflating multiple boards.

The Shark II is relatively light and easy to transport/carry with its integrated handle.

Deflate option
Another option that might not seem so important, but being able to deflate the boards with the pump saves so much time and makes it easier to repack the boards.

The Shark II to the test

As you can see in the video above, it took less than 30 minutes to inflate these three (great value for money) inflatable paddle boards (see best inflatable paddle boards and best cheap inflatable paddle boards for beginners for more info about the boards).

23min 45s to be precise - but the pump was already set to 15psi and I had to cut a tiny bit of the video as the camera fell twice...

But still, less than 9 minutes per paddle board (all requiring 15psi) in a row is great (a lot faster than many other electric pumps).


250L - 15psi

It took about 7min to inflate this 250L paddle board to 15psi


335L - 15psi

It took about 9min (including the video cut) to inflate this 335L paddle board to 15psi


270L - 15psi

It took about 8min to inflate this 270L paddle board to 15psi

Shark II active cooling

Shark II active cooling system

That video was shot in direct sunlight, there was pretty much no pause happening between the boards. Basically disconnecting one paddle board, connecting the next one, and go.

At the end of the video the Shark II was just warm, with the active cooling system doing a great job.

I don't know how the active cooling system actually works, but it does work.

Inflate AND deflate

Shark II inflate deflate

As aforementioned, the Shark II is incredibly good at inflating multiple boards in a row without any issue, and with speed!

What's a little less known, or less used, is the fact that you can use the Shark II to deflate your inflatable paddle boards.

Not only does it speed up the deflation process, but what I find very good is the amount of air it takes out of the board.

It feels like the boards have no air left inside compared to when deflating manually. No big deal you say?

Well, the big deal (for me anyway as I love that feature) is the fact it makes it A LOT easier to fold the paddle board back neatly, and therefore no struggle trying to fit it back in the storage bag!

It's an excellent feature


Shark II easy to carry with integrated handle

With its handle fully integrated in its design, the Shark II is really easy to carry (and the handle actually looks good too, not that it matters that much though).

This electric pump comes with a long (9ft) cord for the 12V DC connector, and 4.5ft for the hose. It makes it really practical to reach the paddle boards from the car socket(s).

With the long cable and hose pipe, the boards don't have to sit just under the car doors or boot, allowing space to manoeuvre around one or multiple boards.

The digital display and automatic switch off are very practical too and super easy to use.

  1. Connect the hose to the board (using the right connector)
  2. Connect the cable to the vehicle 12V socket (vehicle engine running).
  3. Input the required PSI in the shark display.
  4. Press Go.
  5. You can go do whatever you want, the pump will now stop when it reaches the right pressure


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