Top 10 best inflatable kayaks to buy 2018 – UK

Choosing the right inflatable kayak is essential to maximise your fun on the water. Inflatable kayaks are making your life easier when it comes to transport and setup! With their very simple and fast setup, inflatable kayaks open the water sport experience to everyone. But not all inflatable kayaks are equal! This is why we decided to put together this

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Inflatable tents 2017

With 2017 spring on our door step, many of us will want to leave that state of hibernation we often get over winter. Nothing better to enjoy spring the outdoors than going camping either for family break over Easter Weekend or to go to the first music festival of the year. During the winter however, the major

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Lay-Z spa reviews 2017

Inflatable hot tub reviews Our Lay-Z Spa reviews aim to show the differences between the Lay-Z Spa Miami, Vegas, Palm Springs, Monaco and Paris These Lay-Z Spa reviews are based on information provided directly by Lay-Z-Spa as well as reviews available on Amazon. Lay-Z Spa Miami Lay-Z Spa Vegas Lay-Z Spa Palm Springs Lay-Z Spa [...] Continue reading »

Cheap inflatable hot tub 2017

If you are looking for a cheap inflatable hot tub for the summer then why not choose a brand new Lay-Z-Spa from our inflatable hot tubs sale. Lay-Z-Spa are the leading manufacturers of inflatable hot tubs as they produce high quality spas getting lots of great reviews, and with a decent price tag. Since summer is

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Best inflatable tent – UK 2017

Inflatable tents became popular a few years ago when Heimplanet first introduced The Cave. With its striking design and rigidity, The Cave opened the way to many other manufacturers to look into inflatable tents as a suitable product for recreational use. This doesn’t mean The Cave is the best inflatable tent available but it certainly was

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