Best 2 person inflatable kayaks

Are you looking for some of the best 2 person inflatable kayaks available?

Below are listed some of the best ones you can buy in 2022. From the best selling Intex Explorer K2 to the ITIWIT touring kayak for more experience kayakers, you should be able to find the best 2 person inflatable kayak to suits your needs and budget. You can splash out and treat yourself to a high end high-pressure drop-stitch touring inflatable kayak (or canoe) designed with more experienced users in mind. Or you can pick a cheap 2 person inflatable kayak for recreational use designed for a bit of fun with family and friends. The choice is yours.

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Best 2 person inflatable kayak?

ITIWIT 2 person inflatable kayak - high pressure drop stitch kayak

Best 2 person inflatable kayaks

ITIWIT touring drop stitch kayak

For experienced kayakers. Tour all day long at sea or on lakes or calm rivers.

The rigid 2 person inflatable kayak that fits in a trolley bag! Efficient, robust and easy to inflate, this 2-seater kayak takes you long distances all year round!

Its V-shaped hull limits friction on the water and offers great sensations and glide performance.

Capacity: 2 person kayak

More info and price - Decathlon

Aqua Marina Tomahawk AIR-K drop stitch kayak

The Aqua Marina Tomahawk Air-K is a performance machine for true adventurers. It is fully constructed of Drop Stitch Technology,  featuring stunning look and great quality.

It perfectly blends efficiency, speed, comfort and stability. Its double-wall fabric offers incredible rigidity and durability. It is designed for those who want to explore remote locations with a friend in almost all types of water conditions.

The AquaMarina Tomahawk AIR-K comes with 2 premium adjustable kayak seats with high backrest, spongy cushion and multiple storage pockets. Also comes with a dual pump but no paddles that need to be bought separately.

Capacity: 2 person kayak

More info and price - Decathlon

Intex Excursion pro K2

The Intex Excursion Pro K2 is a lightweight 2 person kayak with high pressure inflation providing extra rigidity and stability.

It includes 2 removable skegs for deep and shallow water, 2 floor mounted footrests, 2 integrated recessed fishing rod holders, 2 adjustable bucket seats

It also comes with two  aluminum oars and high-output pump.

Capacity: 2 person kayak

More info and price - Amazon

Intex Explorer K2

The Intex Explorer K2 is one of the best inflatable kayaks available in the low price range. It is by far our best selling inflatable kayak. It’s decently priced, versatile and the perfect kayak to start with leisure kayaking. It is sporty and fun with a streamlined design for easy paddling. Great for experiencing lakes and mild rivers. It is perfect for two adults.

Lightweight and compact, this kayak is a snap to assemble, and allows you to take the fun of kayaking wherever you go. It is made of rugged vinyl and inflatable I-beam floor for comfort and rigidity. A removable skeg provides directional stability, while two adjustable, inflatable seats with backrests are included for comfort. A grab line and grab handle at each end is provided for your convenience. And so is a repair patch kit. The Explorer K2 Kayak provides added accessories including: two 86in aluminum oars and an Intex high-output pump for quick and easy inflation and deflation.

Capacity: 2 person kayak

View price - Amazon

Intex Challenger K2

The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is sporty and fun and offers easy paddling. It's a great inflatable kayak for experiencing lakes and mild rivers. Lightweight and compact, this kayak is very easy to assemble and, with the Boston valve, it inflates and deflates in minutes. You can take the fun of kayaking wherever you go.

It is made of rugged vinyl and built for performance. This is a sturdy kayak with an inflatable I-beam floor, a low-profile deck and high-buoyancy side chambers for stability, comfort and function. The provided removable skeg gives exceptional directional movement. It comes with 2 oars and 2 inflatable seats with backrest.

Globally speaking, the Challenger is a great kayak. It’s ideal for beginners and perfectly suited for slow moving rivers or lakes. This is certainly not the most suitable kayak for the keen kayakers, but for a beginners however, it would be difficult to find a better suited kayak in a similar price range.

Capacity: 2 person kayak

View price - Amazon

ITIWIT inflatable touring kayak 1/2 places

The ITIWIT inflatable touring kayak is a good quality inflatable kayak for leisure use. It is suitable for up to 2 people.

The kayak weighs 14kgs, is 3.40m long and just over 1m wide. It is made of 3 main bladders, 1 for each side and 1 for the wide floor. This setup improves the kayak’s stability. There are 2 other bits to inflate, which are the seats. Once inflated the seats are very comfortable and add height to the seating position, improving the paddling experience.

All these inflatable bladders are protected by a tough looking, water-repellent canvas which can be unzipped (or detached from the velcro attachment). This allows access to the bladders so they can be taken out for repair or replacement. On the sides, there are some printed instruction again to remind you of the pressure you need in the bladders.

Like other Decathlon products, this kayak doesn't come with a pump or paddles and has a higher price tag than the Explorer K2 for instance. However for its built quality and Decathlon customer service it should be a strong contender in your inflatable kayak list.

For more details, check our ITIWIT 2 man inflatable kayak review

Capacity: 1/2 person kayak

View price - Decathlon

Hydro-Force Lite Rapid X2

The Hydro-Force Lite Rapid X2 is a decent entry-level inflatable kayak making it a good purchase for its price tag. It has a maximum load of 160kg so please take this into consideration when purchasing as it is highly recommended not to exceed the advertised maximum load.

It comes with 2 inflatable and adjustable seats, as well as 2 paddles and a removable fin. It also includes a grab rope to make getting in and out of the kayak as easy as possible.  This inflatable kayak was designed to prevent water from entering the cockpit.

Please note this inflatable kayak package does NOT come with a carry bag.

Capacity: 2 person kayak

View price - Amazon

ITIWIT 2 person inflatable kayak - drop stitch floor

This ITIWIT 2 person inflatable kayak comes with high-pressure drop stitch bottom. It sits two adults in a raised position for paddling comfort. It offers a good compromise between stability and performance.

The chosen materials for this kayak were carefully selected to provide rigidity and glide performance (dropstitch) and durability and quick drying (tarpaulin).

This 2-person kayak is compact and easy to carry: it fits into a backpack with reinforced straps.  

Capacity: 2 person kayak

View price - Decathlon

Aqua Marina Laxo 320

The Aqua Marina Laxo range features durable polyester hull covers. The floor cover and top hull of side chambers are constructed of extra-strong polyester for great durability and rigidity.

This inflatable kayak is ideal for both beginners and intermediate paddlers seeking leisurely use on rivers and lakes. The LAXO 320 has plenty of space for 2 people

Capacity: 2 person kayak

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Aqua Marina Steam Kayak

High pressure drop stitch 2 person inflatable kayak

Ideal for long-distance adventures and mild river running

Extended water splash guard bow design with hard nose protection and rubber carry handle

Inflatable V-shape keel design for efficient strokes

Super-tough reinforced PVC material for both air chambers and cockpit

Durable foam footrest design for a comfortable journey

Capacity: 2 person kayak

View price - Amazon

Best 2 person inflatable kayaks

There are obviously a lot more 2 person inflatable kayaks available. If you are after a very cheap option, keep your eyes open for discount supermarkets such like Aldi as they sometimes have incredible offers for inflatable kayaks, especially in Spring/Summer.

We believe the kayaks listed above are some of the best 2 person inflatable kayaks you can currently find in the UK depending on your budget and needs. They receive great reviews for various reasons such as price, quality, customer service.


If you are after an inflatable boat instead of a kayak, have a look at our selection of inflatable dinghies or our top 10 best inflatable sup boards if you are in the market for a paddle board.

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