Top 10 inflatable tents

Top 10 inflatable tents

Inflatable tents really make life easier when it comes to setup! A joy when it’s raining outside and all you want is to have the tent up as soon as possible to get quick shelter! With their very simple and fast setup, inflatable tents open the camping experience to everyone. But not all inflatable tents are equal! This is why we decided to put together this list of our top 10 inflatable tents. With them, it’s now just a case of pegging out and then pumping them up! Just pick and choose the most suitable tent for your need. We’ve done the hard work of filtering the best ones!

Top 10 inflatable tents


Top 10 inflatable tents

Please check above our selection of the top 10 inflatable tents available on the market at the minute.

The Vango Airbeam range is one of the only inflatable tent full collection in the UK market. Kelty, Outwell, Gelert, Skandika and Sunncamp also offer great inflatable tents. But they currently do not provide as wide a range as Vango. Thanks to their experience and knowledge in this market, Vango created top inflatable tents that integrate features that you will be able to enjoy on the whole range.
All these inflatable tents come in different shapes and sizes. So have a good click around our website if you can’t find your dream tent in our top 10.

You can find more inflatable tents on To improve your camping experience, have a look at our selection of inflatable mattresses.


Inflatable’s top 10 inflatable tents


  • Kelty Mach 4 man inflatable tent
    more info

    4 man inflatable tents

    Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent with Footprint Bundle – One Size, Grey

  • Kelty Mach 6 man inflatable tent up
    more info

    6 man inflatable tents

    Kelty Mach 6 AirPitch Tent with Footprint Bundle – One Size, Grey

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Last updated on December 8th, 2014