Inflatable tents

As most campers know, finding your pitch then sitting back with a cold beer is one of life’s great pleasures… If only we didn’t have to struggle with setting the tent up beforehand!.

It’s always a pain putting up the poles and fitting the flimsy pegs… Put it this way, putting up a tent can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it rains, you’re tired, and all you want is to shelter in your tent and get a nice warm cuppa (as opposed to the child beer when it’s warm outside).

But thanks to new research, technologies and clever people, we don’t have to go through that hassle anymore.

Inflatable tents

Inflatable tents

Inflatable tents use air-filled tubes to replace the usual pole frame. You just have to put the pump into the valve and pump the tent up! That’s it, that easy! Most inflatable tents are quick to setup, inflating the main structure in around 60 seconds from just one valve. And for the campers with childhood memories of punctured inflatable bouncy castles, most inflatable tents come with isolation valves ensuring it remains fully inflated even in the event of damage.

The tents come as one single unit (ground sheet, fly, and outer fabric) and because there are no solid poles, these tents are surprisingly lightweight and easy to pack away.

So whether you’re a experience camper or just a festival goer looking for an alternative to the pop-up, check out our selection of the best inflatable tents available on the internet.

Amazon and other partners have a large selection of inflatable tents available now, visit their list of products here.

You can also click around our website to find inflatable tents organised in various categories including 6 man inflatable tents, 8 man inflatable tents and 4man inflatable tents. You can also check our top 10 inflatable tents.

We also have a great selection of double inflatable mattresses to add to your camping experience!

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