SUP and Kayak session in Tynemouth

Here are some photos of an inflatable SUP and kayak session in Tynemouth. I brought some of the inflatable gear out to have a bit of fun with some friends. The gear included the ITIWIT 2 man inflatable kayak, the 9’6 inflatable SUP board from Decathlon, and a 9’2 inflatable surfing SUP. We all had a brilliant couple of hours having fun on the relatively calm North Sea in the evening. Perfect time to go paddling and kayaking once most of the crowd enjoying Longsands beach has gone home.

Kayak session – Tynemouth

The wives used the inflatable kayak. They set it up themselves in a matter of minutes and were ready to hit the water in no time. It was their first time kayaking together so it took a bit of adjustment to go in a straight line. Once they found their rhythm and paddled in sync they were plain sailing. The whole experience was made a little harder though as we later found out they forgot to put the keels on… But they managed to direct their embarcation without them! It goes to show the kayak is well balanced and pretty easy to manoeuvre.

The inflatable kayak they used – the ITIWIT 2 man inflatable kayak – is in our top 10 best inflatable kayaks.

Inflatable SUP session – Tynemouth

My mate and I used the inflatable SUP boards. He picked the 9’6 all round inflatable SUP and I got to use the 9’2 surfing iSUP for the very first time. Check out our Decathlon ITIWIT all round inflatable SUP board review page for further info on that particular inflatable paddle board.

Despite the lack of waves, I got to test the inflatable surf SUP board. It’s a bit shorter than the one above but the main difference is the shape. The inflatable surfing SUP is very similar in shape to a classic surf board. It has 3 fins and a “hard rail” at the back of the board helping to carve into the surfs to turn. This inflatable sup board is very easy to manoeuvre. It’s very reactive and quick to negotiate turns. A great board! Just needs to give it a proper go in decent surfs.

You can find more info about this board here.

SUP and Kayak session in Tynemouth

All in all, we all had amazing time paddling the North Sea. It was a beautiful evening of fun with friends.  A very good way to unwind at the end of the day. A peaceful, tranquille and relaxing experience. And in the process we had the pleasure to witness a couple getting married with the whole family partaking in a photoshoot on Longsands beach.

We are all looking forward to arrange our next get together and organise another SUP and Kayak session in Tynemouth…

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