Lazy Spa hot tubs – Lay Z spas

Lazy Spa hot tubs - Lay Z spas

Lazy Spa hot tubs – Lay Z spas

Bestway’s Lazy Spa hot tubs range isn’t market leader of the inflatable hot tubs industry for no reasons! They simply produce the best inflatable spas currently available at a VERY decent price.

Below is a list of the best inflatable Lazy Spa hot tubs to buy in 2015. This list is baed on hundreds of reviews. The main consensus is that the Lay-Z Miami inflatable hot tub spa is probably your best option in terms of ease of use, price and quality. And so does the Bestway Lay-Z Vegas if you are after a 6 persons Lazy Spa hot tub. The Lay-Z Monaco doesn’t get as many reviews as it is a recent addition to their range. However, it is becoming the spa of choice for many because of its size but mainly because of its rigid walls despite still be inflatable and easy to store.

Lazy Spa hot tubs – Lay Z spas

Image Inflatable hot tub Fits Cost Rating
Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Lay-Z Miami hot tub spa 4 £££ 4.6
Lay-Z-Spa-Premium-Vegas-Series-2013-0 Lay-Z Vegas hot tub spa 6 £££ 4.3
Bestway-Lay-Z-Spa-Monaco-8-Person-Spa-2013-Rigid-Wall-Lay-Z-Spa-Lay-Z-Spa-Inflatable-Hot-Tub-for-Your-Home-or-Garden-Portable-Jacuzzi-Heat-Massage-0-5 Lay-Z Monaco hot tub spa 8 £££ 4.5
Lay-Z-Spa-54129-Palm-Springs-Hot-Tub-2015-4-6-Person-0-1 Lay-Z Spa Palm Spring 6 £££ 4.9

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Last updated on May 20th, 2019