Inflatable tents vs normal tents

One of the recurring questions we frequently get is what are the benefits of inflatable tents vs normal tents?

Being the new big thing this year in the camping world, more and more people are interested in inflatable tents and therefore ask lots of questions to compare usual pole tents and the new (and yes a bit more expensive) inflatable tents.

Typical questions we receive to compare both type of tents are often like

Are they worth the extra money for the convenience, are they stable, what happens if one bursts, gets a puncture, are they prone to leaks? Anything else I need to know???

Fast and easy to erect

First thing to know; inflatable tents are a lot quicker and easier to erect than conventional tents.
They can be built up by only one person, no matter how big the tent is. So if you’re looking for family tent, they are quite handy as one parent can look after the kids whilst the other one set the tent up. Check our best inflatable tent for families 2014.
Have a look at this video on YouTube showing how easy it is to setup inflatable tents like the Kelty Mach 6 AirPitch showcased in the video.


Sturdy and stable

Inflatable tents are VERY stable compared to normal tents. They usually come with inner tension beam that makes them sturdier than most tents. One inflatable tent user said:

We have one. It’s great. Very easy to put up, very strong in windy conditions. The fabric tends to be thicker as they’re a premium product.


What if they burst?

This one is probably the most common question we get asked when people start comparing inflatable tents vs normal tents. And it’s a fair one.
Most inflatable tents have a system so you can’t over pump them. They come with recommended pressure which is usually between 10-12 psi and most of them go through a lot more through testing, 20psi, sometimes even 25psi. So bursting shouldn’t really happen.
It’s not saying it can never happen, the same way a carbon fibre pole can sometimes break.
In the unlikely event that a air pole would burst, you will be able to return it and have it fixed. And it is a small puncture, which again are rare, most inflatable tents come with puncture repair kit.



Inflatable tents vs normal tents?

The answer is quite simple, everybody seem to agree that if you can afford one, inflatable tents are much better than normal pole tents.

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Last updated on December 8th, 2014