Best 5 man inflatable tent 2018

The Vango Odyssey Air Beam 500 is by far our best 5 man inflatable tent this year! No real surprise here! Vango have been designing amazing tents and other camping gear for years now and their reputation has always preceded them. See below a picture of the tent in question.


Best 5 man inflatable tent 2017

Vango Odyssey Air Beam 5 man inflatable tent

One of the main reasons the Odyssey Air Beam 500 is selling so well is the time it takes to erect. And the ease to set it up. For such a big tent, it is only a matter of minutes… This is always appreciated especially with our delicate British weather.

It took me less than 15 mins to erect for the first attempt, I think 8 mins is doable including the pitching time.

Once erected, most people will be able to stand in the tent with its height of 195cm in the living area and 185cm in the bedrooms. It is very sizeable too with 7.85m2 of living space. You can see the details in the blue print below.

Best selling 5 man inflatable tent blue print

Vango Odyssey 500 Air Beam sizes

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The Air Beam technlogy

The Vango AirBeam technology is pre-built into all Vango inflatable tents range. Meaning, you don’t need to worry about heavy poles. Once you reach the camp-site all you have to do is simply inflate your tent using the double-action pump provided, then you can get on with more important things such as spending time with your friends and family in the outdoors.

Best 5 man inflatable tent 2018

Vango have been working hard to design and develop this best selling 5 man inflatable tent. Not only have they built a quality product, they have designed it so you feel at home in the outdoors. To do so, they have considered full stand-up head height, full mesh doors, lantern hoops and storage pockets. It also has large windows for you to enjoy the outside from the comfort of your tent.

And when night come, the Airzone technology integrated in all the Airbeam range regulates heat easily. The toggled room dividers and light out inners used in the bedrooms means you won’t be awakened by the morning light.

For further information about the Vango Odyssey Airbeam 500, please click here.


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Last updated on March 29th, 2018