Swift Current Plug & Play Portable Hot Tub

Swift Current Plug & Play Portable Hot Tub

Seating Capacity: 5
Water Capacity: 1000L (330gal)
Outer Spa Diameter: 184cm (73″)

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The Swift Current Foam Wall 5 Person portable spa is the deepest spa in the market. Totally submerge your shoulders and neck for a full massage. Our spa also comes a tough and durable laminated vinyl liner and a 6″ inflatable cover that is tapered and lockable for insulation and security.

We have designed a spa that can be easily assembled and be put anywhere, cottage, balcony, boat, RV and almost anywhere you can imagine.

Don’t settle for less, our spa is built like a spa not a shallow wadding pool with a heater. Most of other inflatables are less then 28 inches deep and will have less then 18″ of water. Our spa pack has a integrated filter so all of the equipment is located in one place, no clumsy filters inside the spa. We can easily detach the entire mechanics for easy service and repair

The Swift Current insulation package is second to none with its 5″ thick foam walls and our operating cost is the lowest for this type of product, most other inflatable spas will be double the monthly operating costs.

Our optional hard top cover is not only stylish but saves you even more on your operating costs

Our spa can also be used year round!!


160cm (63″) inner diameter
15cm (6″) thick inflatable cover
Includes RCD protective plug
4.5 metre cable length
Seating Capacity: 5
Water Capacity: 1000L (330gal)
Outer Spa Diameter: 184cm (73″)
Inner Spa Diameter: 160cm (63″)
88 Air Jets

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