Outwell AIR Corvette L – Green – 5 Personen – Inflatable spacious 5-person three room tunnel tent

Outwell AIR Corvette L – Green – 5 Personen – Inflatable spacious 5-person three room tunnel tent

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Inflatable spacious 5-person three room tunnel tent. Color: Green / Size: 5 persons – There is plenty of room in the five person inflatable tunnel tent, the Air Corvette L by Outwell is ideal for families and friends on long weekend and touring breaks. Fully featured, it combines the very best of the technical expertise with the renowned insight into tent life to deliver inspired and practical camping experiences. – Outtex® 5000: Outtex® 5000 (Polyester) / uses the latest advances in technology in its development and with a hydrostatic head of 5000 mm (the hydrostatic head shows the amount of water on 1cm2 before the water penetrates the coating) – Fire Retardant: Material meets all the latest regulations for tent materials – OGR System: Simple, effective and inspired, this feature ensures guylines can avoid tangling when packing away or when not needed on site – Aerodynamic Storm Protection 9: The aerodynamic design of the tents with hidden poles secures that the whole tent is stable whatever the weather. As measured on the Beaufort Wind Scale Force 9 is equivalent to a strong gale with wind speed of 47-54 mph / 75-88 km/h that will blow branches off trees! – Outwell Air Stability System: A simple yet effective method of pitching inflatable tents through individual tubes inflated separately – OSG System: Outwell Sealed Ground System: A sewn-in groundsheet for maximum protection from the elements, dirt and insects. – Universal Inner Tent: Versatile bedroom providing a large single room, or split to create two rooms, or one half removed for extra living space – Wave-shaped Hanging Point System: Wawe-shaped hanging point system. Newly introduced alternative system for hanging Inners, offering great stability to the bedroom itself and a great look – Toggle-up Curtains: Curtains with conveniently located fixings at each window, letting in as much, or as little, daylight, as required. screenhouse effect is characterized by a minimum of three doors that have no-see-um-mes
Tunnel Tents by Outwell – Gender: Unisex
Product type: Inflatable spacious 5-person three room tunnel tent
Suitable for: Camping
Product category: Tents – Gender: Unisex

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